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Still happening
Muchas veces ha pasado el robo de imágenes a traves de internet. 
Es indignante. No puede seguir pasando, pero lamentablemente, es algo inevitable en la era de la digitalización y de la globalización. Todos se creen dueños de todo. Pero no es así. Por suerte hay leyes que defienden al dueño de la imagen. Ayudemos a crear conciencia de que esto no se debe hacer!!
Para leer lo que sucedió a la autora de esta imagen, hacé clic acá

It happens very often that someone stole an image through internet. 
Is disgusting. It can't continue happening, but unfortunately, is something imposible to stop in the era of globalization and digitalization. Fortunately, there are laws that defend the owners of the image. Lets create conscious that nobody should do this. 
To read what happened to this image owner, clic here.

2 comentarios:

  1. Thank you, dear Valeria.
    Your support means so much to me.
    I am pleasantly surprised, that the online merchant who is selling the DVD with my stolen art has responded to my message and seems very sorry as well as unaware of the fact that this image was used without permission. They have offered to pay for this and now I am hopeful we can work it out. In the meantime, it is important that artists only display their work in the smallest files online, as this makes it impossible, or at least very difficult to steal and use. You are a good friend, and I appreciate your support! OXO, CC

  2. ¡que vergüenza! de verdad no se que más decir.


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